the faq's

Hotel Ella, Austin, TX
1900 Rio Grande St.

Yes, there is a room block reserved just for you.  Call and make your desired room reservations. 
Share a room or stay alone...whatever you prefer.

No.  If you desire to stay elsewhere and just come to all the events you are more than welcome.  Everything will be laid out for you upon arrival in your itinerary so you can know where to be and when. 

We are hoping to keep the attendance no more than 15 and will be dividing up into much smaller groups for all the shoots.

The welcome dinner is fun cocktail attire
Days 2 & 3 will be lots of shooting, so where whatever you feel most comfortable in for that, but do know that all dinners will be super fun, so I would dress in a way that allows you to be out and about.

If you are traveling you can fly into the Austin International Airport (AUS)

The workshop is most definitely geared towards wedding photography. We will shoot and learn all focused around wedding events.  There will be classroom time more focused on business and perspective along with lots of fellowship.

where is home base for the workshop?

how do I book at hotel ella?

do I have to stay at hotel ella?

how many people can attend?

what should I wear?

where do I fly into?

is this for photographers only?  and what kind?

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